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The Truth About Bananas and Belly Fat

“Bananas and belly fat” are a jaw dropper. Popping down a banana into our mouth creates guilt as we assume that it is fattening. It is just an assumption and definitely not true. Bananas contribute in melting down the belly fat, when it forms part of a low calorie diet aimed to reduce weight. Not everyone knows that adding bananas to a healthy diet can help to lose weight for the reasons given below.

Bananas are a good choice of breakfast. It keeps you fit and energetic the whole day. They are tasty as it contains natural sugar. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C which is good for skin. It is also a good source of potassium, which helps in increasing the metabolic rate which in turn melts the belly fat. It is a fruit which has high fibre content. Eating bananas is a home remedy to cure constipation which is one of the major causes of bloEating Bananas And Belly Fat.

It has the best detoxifying agents, and removes the toxins and other waste accumulated in the tummy. Another reason why your stomach could look bloated is due to gastric issues. It provides a natural cure to gastric issues as it secretes an anti-acidic hormone. Eating junk food contributes to gaining belly fat. You normally get this urge when you are hungry. Bananas are filling and help you to resist craving to have fast foods.

When kids throw a tantrum to have food in the morning before going to school, it is easy to get them to have a banana. It leaves you rest assured that you have fed them a nutritious meal. Small babies are fed bananas, as soon as they start eating solid food. After any vigorous physical sport like swimming, running, jogging, coaches generally advise you to have bananas.

At times when you are late to the office, you can rely on this tasty fruit. It is advisable to keep a banana in your bag or pocket as it is well packed in its own attractive natural skin. Skipping a meal is never a right step in weight loss. Instead, you could opt to have bananas. Most people follow a wrong practice to have bananas after food.

It is good to know that it takes 45 minutes to digest. Hence, it is advisable to have it as a one-time meal and not after food. Bananas are good to have as dinner. They make you feel light and help you to get good sleep.

Don’t slip on its peel

Bananas can be misleading if it is not had in the proper manner. The ideal way to have a banana is in its own true form. There are varieties of bananas that are available in the market, and they are all good if you have them raw. Again, it is important to consume them at room temperature and not chilled or steamed conditions.

If they are sugar coated with artificial sweeteners it can lead to weight by directly increasing your calorie intake. Avoiding other banana products like the chips, jams, shakes and dessert is beneficial to your health. This is the truth about bananas and belly fat, so now that you now their benefits, don’t feel guilty when eating your bananas.

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